barcelo los cabos

This recipe is a variation of the traditional barcelo los cabos, a soup made by mixing dried prunes, raisins, dates, and walnuts. While there are many variations of this classic, this version is based on the classic, with the addition of dried apricots, which creates a slightly dryer texture.

The original version of the recipe was made with dried prunes, raisins, and walnuts, but since dried apricots don’t exist in the US, the version I’m using is based on dried plums.

As a quick aside, any recipe that takes a whole bunch of dried fruit is going to be dense. This recipe uses dried plums and dried apricots for a reason. While I don’t think you can use dried apricots in the US, dried plums are a common ingredient in many parts of the world.

The recipe was written by Cesar Gara, who has over 300 recipes on his website. Ive always had a thing for apricots, and after trying this recipe I think I will be reaching for my own apricot pie anytime soon.

As an aside, apricots can be purchased in most supermarkets, in both dried and unsweetened form. There is no need to use canned apricots since they can be frozen.

The idea is not to make a huge batch, but rather to put together a soup that is very satisfying. I think it’s best to store the soup in a freezer for a week, then freeze it for a few days to eat it out. I think the good thing about baking is that it doesn’t lose weight and is easy to use. As a bonus, the dough is very elastic so it doesn’t have to be wrapped in plastic and it can be made into a cake or cake.

If you have a few friends, one of them can make a great cake (a.k.a. barcelo los cabos). The soup is one of my favorite meals in the winter, so I always make it in the end. The recipe is quite simple: add the apricots, apple sauce, and sugar.

I never knew I had a life before. My dad was a very talented chef. He made everything from his own cooking to his own meals. He always had a kitchen he would sit in and make meals for them. But when he didn’t have a kitchen, he left it all behind. He would make the meals he liked and then he would stop and eat the dishes.

I think that’s the beauty of life. We’ve all had a life that just never really happened, but that we all wish we could experience. I’m sure that is why so many of us have dreams of being something else.

I’m a huge fan of food, so I’m always happy to have a reason to eat. But I’m also not a fan of the “food-obsessed”. It’s so weird to me that when I want some food, I just look for it on the shelf but then get so excited to try it. I’m not even sure how to explain it.

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