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Playa Caracol is an ocean front neighborhood in the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It is filled with palm trees, and the ocean is only a few minutes away. Playa Caracol is a very quiet area and home to the most secluded beaches.

The neighborhood was once known as Playa Caracol, as the location of the first hotel to be built on the island. It was originally named after the nearby Playa del Carmen bay, as the beach there was called “Playa Caracol.” The name has stuck, and it is now a very secluded neighborhood.

Since the beginning of the ’90s, Playa Caracol has been a hub for families with young children. Nowadays, families with older children play beach volleyball, surf, and hang out in the pool. As a result of this community wide growing up, the neighborhood has been renamed Playa Caracol.

The new name refers to a popular local beer.

Playing this story was very fun because it was one of the first times we played on the beach. It’s a great way to see the beach with the kids and the kids’ parents. It’s also a great way to see the beach and the beach without the beach.

If you want to play on Playa Caracol, you can find the beach by the pier in front of the old town.

Because the beach is just this big, it also makes it a great place to enjoy some of the other activities offered. It also has a great restaurant to eat lunch and a beach bar for the adults. You can also swim and snorkel and just relax.

Just like my beach, Playa Caracol is actually not the best place to play on, but it is a really great place to hang out. It also has a great restaurant to eat lunch and a beach bar for the adults. You can also swim and snorkel and just relax.

I’m a bit disappointed that Playa Caracol is not a true beach, but I guess that is part of its charm. It feels like a beach, which is great. The best part, though, is how much it looks like a real beach. The water is clear, the waves are real, and the sand is big. It feels like the real beach that I’ve been dreaming of. That’s what I get for playing online.

Oh, that beach. It is the best. And not just because of the beach bar. It is also really close to the water and its good for snorkeling and swimming. It has a great restaurant, too, which I recommend for breakfast. There are also lots of little shops and restaurants to explore.

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