An Introduction to sunset beach wedding

The sunset beach wedding. It’s my favorite part of the evening, and I have had so many sunset beach weddings here in Los Angeles. I still remember walking into the hotel where we were staying and walking out with my husband and a woman I had never met before.

This is where most people get married. Like, you know, in a beach, with no expectations and no vows to make. But we were all just getting a little tired of the same old thing, so we decided we wanted to get hitched, and that’s what we did. Yes, you can’t tell it in the trailer, but this is an actual wedding.

Yes, that’s exactly what this is. And yes, it’s an actual wedding. But you can’t tell that in the trailer. The entire wedding is in shadow, and it’s all shot from a long distance. But in reality all the couples are standing in front of the beach, looking out at the ocean. The sun sets, and a couple walks past the couple standing in front of us. The man looks up, and then the woman looks up and the man smiles.

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